Holy Eucharist, Rite I, will be celebrated in historic St. John's Episcopal Church, corner of Broadway & Pine, on the Fifth Sunday of Lent. Celebrant is The Rev. Scott Hoogerhyde. The Rev. Sylvia L. Howard, deacon, will assist Fr. Hoogerhyde at the altar, with Barbara Crain serving as organist and music director. Others participating at this service are Lector & usher Tom Walsh; Acolyte Steve Shook, and Coffee hour hostess, Kay White.

Father David Baumann, Vicar, provides this description of the lessons:
"The first lesson is from the book of Jeremiah, and is the prophecy that the days are coming when God will make a new covenant with his faithful people. The Response is a portion of Psalm 119, in which the psalmist praises God for his commandments and recognizes that keeping God’s way is the sure path to a joyful life. The second lesson is from the letter to Hebrews, in which the writer teaches that Jesus is the eternal high priest by whose offering sins are forgiven the eternal life is made possible for the faithful. Finally, the Gospel lesson is from John, and is the account of when Greeks came to the disciples wanting to see Jesus, and Jesus says the time is drawing near when His crucifixion will drive out the powers of evil and draw believers to Himself."


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